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Corsi di conversazione in italiano

Italian conversation coursesIf you are an intermediate or advanced level you may enjoy one of our Italian conversation course. Applicate and train your Italian while cooking, painting or living a full immersion in Italian music or Italian fashion. Practizising the Italian language in a true context you will proceed very quickly with improving your comunicative language skills. Book this courses in combination with one of our other Italian courses.


Italiano in cucina

The mediterranean cuisine is known all over the world. Cooking together you will discover much more dishes than only pizza, spaghetti and lasagne. During the cooking process you will also touch the linguistic dimension. This conversation course is the perfect continuation of the language course in the morning.


Discover the Italian language all around painting. This quite creative way of comunication offers a full immersion and will integrate your knowledge of Italian. You will know about different executions of painting, famous Italian painters and history of Italian Art. Of course, you will first of all practise.


Italian Songs

Italian songs are famous all over the world. Adriano Celentano, Lucio Dalla, Gianna Nannini, Eros Ramazzotti... - the list has no end. Learn some of the most famous and actual Italian with our teacher. You will discuss musical aspects as well as the texts of the songs. If you like, you will sing, compose or learn to play some Italian song on the guitar.

Italian Fashion

"Made in Italy" - Learn more about Italian fashion, famous designers, fashion styles and, of course, vocabolary of fashion.

One of the most famous Italian designers, Gianni Versace, was born in Reggio Calabria. If you like you can visit Reggio Calabria, it is just a 1 hour hop from our school.


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